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Explore Himalayan Adventure is run by professional and experienced staffs that place the highest priority on customer safety and service. Our Guides are appropriately licensed for the river we raft and carry on them their own well maintained rescue equipment. Explore Himalayan Adventure takes pride in its safety record, and our safety standards that enhance this record.

The highly skilled and certifed team regards safety as its highest priority. With handpicked, talented, entertaining, and caring guides we bring excitement to every moment, and will no doubt leave a lasting impression.

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made year round by calling or emailing our Office. Advance booking is recommended and a confirmation deposit is required to secure your booking, the balance is due 10 days prior to trip departure, or at the time of booking if within 10 days.

All prices include Service Tax and appropriate user and permit fees. We reserve the right to change these prices if there is an excessive increase in our costs.

No refunds can be made on cancellations within 7 days prior to departure unless another person can be booked in the place of the cancelling person. Contact us to make a booking.

How do I make a cancellation?

We will refund your trip payments made for cancellations up to 7 days prior to departure. For cancellation within 7 days we retain the confirmation deposit. No refunds will be made for no shows or late comers.

We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to adverse river, road or weather conditions, or insufficient bookings - in these circumstances trip payments are refunded in full.


What rafting equipment will we be using?


All rafts and rafting equipment owned and operated by Explore Himalayan Adventure exceed safety standards. All rafts are self-bailing and in excellent condition and are fully equipped for the expedition you are on.

What do you provide? (Half / Full Day Trip & Multi-day Trips/ Expeditions)

Half / Full Day Trip

Qualified and experienced guide(s) for the river being rafted and the following rafting and safety equipment: lifejacket, safety helmet, self-bailing raft and paddles.

Multi-day Trips/ Expeditions

All meals from day one to the final day. All camping equipment including tent fly and insulation pads for sleeping on and sleeping bags. Transportation to and from your overnight starting point as per booking arrangements. All rafting, kayaking equipment, safety gears, lifejacket, safety helmet and paddle. Qualified and experienced guide(s), kitchen staff and supporting team for the river being rafted.

How many people we can accommodate?
We can accommodate 100 people at a time.
What do I need to bring?
1. Quick drying clothes, T-shirts & shorts for rafting & camping, Cap, Wet Suits.
2. River Sandals or Sneakers.
3. Warm Jacket for camp.
4. Sunscreen Lotion, Odomas, Toiletries/towel/soap/ Antiseptic Cream etc. for personal use.
5. Sunglasses & Cord for Sunglasses.
6. Torch.
7. Camera.
8. Personal medication (if any).
Do I have to be able to swim?

Ganges is suitable for less confident swimmers but there are opportunities to fall out of the raft. You are given a floatation jacket (life jacket) and instructions but you will still need to be able to help the guide and move towards the raft (or safety kayaker in high water levels). So water confidence although not essential is recommended.

Can I wear sunglasses/ prescription glasses or contact lenses?
Yes you can, however we do recommend a sports strap or tie for glasses. Once again remember we can’t guarantee the safety of your glasses so if you can do without them then do.
How many people in a raft?

The rafts are large enough to carry eight or nine people plus your rafting guide. If you’re travelling with friends or in a group, we can generally organise it so that you are together in the same raft.

How long is the rafting trip?
The duration of the trip varies dependant on the river speed, the water level, time of year, paddling speed, time spend in body surfing, cliff jumping plus the rafting trip you have chosen. Shivpuri to Rishikesh Rafting stretch is 16 kms. generally takes 2-3 hours. Marine Drive to Shivpuri rafting stretch is 12 kms takes 1-2 hours, Marine Drive to Rishikesh rafting stretch is 28 kms takes 3-4 hrs. and Kaudilya to Rishikesh rafting stretch is 38 kms, which generally takes 6-7 hrs.

What is the best season?

1st September to 30th June
Am I Insured?
Yes, 2 lacs per person.
What is the possibility of falling out the raft?
That often depends on the river levels but there is always a chance that participant’s may fall out of the raft. The guides are trained to deal with this and every Kaudiyala Down trip has a safety kayaker. There is a full safety briefing before you commence your rafting trip explaining what to do.
Are there seatbelts in the raft?
No but you will be instructed by your guide how to brace yourself in the raft to minimize the chance of falling out.
Do I need to book this trip in advance?
Yes - as during peak seasons, space can be limited. This is also true for winters and school holidays.
What is the maximum number of people on a trip?
This can depend on the amount of guides working on a particular day but with prior notice, we can carry groups up to 200 people on any one trip.
What is your cancellation policy?
We require 7days notice for cancellation to get a full refund, after that a portion of the cost is retained.
Can I go if I have a medical condition?
Some medical conditions may prohibit you from white-water rafting but most will not. It is very important however that if you do have a medical condition that you let staff know prior to rafting. If you require medication for your condition (eg. asthma inhalers), you will need to bring that with you in case it is needed.
Can I raft if I am pregnant?
No. Company policy is that we don’t allow anyone who is pregnant on grade 3 or above rivers. There is a risk that a pregnant person could sustain a blow to the abdomen either through falling out the raft, from a paddle from another client or someone falling against them.
Do I need to tip my guide?
Tipping is not normally expected in Ganges, however if you feel you would like to show your appreciation that is totally at your discretion.
Is there a guide in the raft with us?
Yes every boat has a qualified and certified rafting guide in it.
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